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BSL Awards Expansion Team to Maryland

The Bigtime Soccer League announced today that Western Maryland has been awarded an expansion side to replace the slot of the defunct Ohio Toffees. The new club will be owned and operated by Paul B, and will begin play in the 2015 season. The currently un-named club will debut a website at a later date, but will instantly receive $10 to begin it's budget and also instantly inherits $5 from the disperal of the Spartans 3rd Designated Player purchase earlier this offseason. The club will be allowed to sign 2 Designated Players from the un-protected roster list on February 20, but may already begin trading for an additional 2 players before the expansion draft (see league rules).


  1. Welcome. Let's talk about off season trades when you're ready to get started.

  2. Welcome to the BSL

  3. Happy to have you on board ! Feel free to check out my roster if you'd like to make a deal !

    - Alamo City

  4. Thank you for your welcomes and the invitation to this league. I hope I am able to develop competitiveness in my first season. With these relatively unusual rules (which I like) my fantasy football thinking will need to adjust somewhat.

    I will be representing my team in a pseudo-historical style with a mix of fact and fiction as a back-story. I figure by working out such a history I create investment in my team and this league. Be looking forward to initial steps soon.

    As you can see, I go as UtahGamer on Blogspot because of a long-defunct blog I wrote when I lived in Utah.

    Again, thank you for your seeking me out to participate, I hope to add to your fun and have fun myself!


  5. You may now check out my initial work in creating a team. I have team name (Cumberland Athletic Club), colors, logo and a pseudo-history. You may enjoy trying to figure out what is fact and what is fiction in that history. Blogspot site:

  6. Welcome! I look forward to a new derby now that I live in DC.

  7. Football and crab cakes, num num num num num!


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