Final Day to Sign Pre-Draft Players is Tomorrow!

TUESDAY - February 21, is the final day for BSL clubs to sign and secure their pre-draft rosters. After 5pm (PT) unsigned players will no longer be owned by their BSL clubs and the remaining players will be free agents once again for the draft and beyond. The ROSTERS tab will be reset after this deadline to include only 2017 signed players.

2017 Draft Begins in 1 Week!

In 7 days the 9th BSL draft will begin. Have you made your mock lists? Be sure to keep an eye on your email during this time as your 2 hour clock begins when the email is sent. The league website will be updated each night with the transactions of the draft, but group emails of the draft progress will be sent during the day to offer player picks insight during work hours. Each days draft hours are from 7am(PT) to 7pm(PT).