Match Preview l Week 1

After 2 straight seasons of success finished 5th and 3rd place respectively, plus a finalist in the 2012 BSL Cup and 2012 Majors Cup, Pennsylvania fell flat in 2013 winning just 4 games. The club would end up dead last in the standings. But, everyone starts fresh and the Stoners picked up Jermaine DeFoe and Julio Cesar from Toronto to accompany DP Robbie Keane to make a claim that this year the club will be back in the playoff race.

The Gold Coast came up 1 point short of qualifying for the Majors Cup last season and won 10 games in the regular season. If you consider the Suns were hit hard with the injury bug very early in 2013, who knows what the results would have been like. Gold Coast has won 5 of 6 meetings all-time against the Stoners.

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