League Introduces the Acquisition Budget

As the BSL has aged, so has the passion. The desire to win (or just competitive balance) sometimes is
more vocal than it should be. This passion is a good to an extent. But, sportsmanship and courtesy needs to be at the forefront always.

At the core of this weeks controversy is the ever-flawed bidding war system. This week is not the first time this system has caused an argument. In any case the league has taken matters into its own hands and instituting a new bidding war system effective at the conclusion of the 2013 Majors Cup.

Introducing the Acquisition Budget (think of it as bidding bucks)

1.  A BSL club gets paid based on when they submit their weekly roster.
     - $5 for every on-time weekly line-up submission.
     - $2 for a late line-up submission.
     - $0 for no line-up submission once final MLS game that week beings its play.

2.  A BSL club gets paid by specifying who their club captain will be for that weeks line-up.
     - If chosen club captain has 1 score that week = $2
     - If chosen club captain has a brace that week = $5
     - If chosen club captain has a hat trick that week = $10
      (Goal Keepers cannot be club captains)

3.  A BSL club gets paid $10 upon RSVP for an upcoming new season.

Money is deposited weekly in the BSL CLUBS/ROSTERS tab after match recaps are posted.

- Acquisition Budgets can carry over to future seasons.
- This money can be traded to sweeten a deal with another BSL club.
- Any tie for a bidding player (both offering the same amount of money) the edge goes to the lower
  seeded team in the standings at the time of the bidding war.
- This is NOT a blind bidding process. You may increase your payment (if you have the funds) within the bidding time frame. Remember, a lower seeded team can offer the same amount of money and have the edge.
- The BSL club PAYING THE MOST in the end can release any player they wish on their roster.
- Any bid made in the final hour of the deadline will extend the bidding war an extra hour. This process will continue until no bids are made in the final hour(s) of the war. If a bidding war goes past 7pm(PDT), it will pause and restart 9am(PDT) the next morning.
- A BSL club can purchase a 3rd DP slot for the amount of $55 (11 weeks of game line-ups)   without dealing with other clubs.  Since this transaction does not involve another BSL 
  club,  this money is distributed evenly amongst the other BSL owners. The purchase must
  be made before the seasons official draft begins. 
- A BSL club can sell or trade or combo deal their 2 free DP slots.  (Remember you cannot 
  sell/trade 2 to the same buyer since the maximum is 3 DP's per club). It is up to the BSL 
  owner to determine the value of their DP slots since they are giving up one or two of their
  entitled slots.
- No money is earned during the postseason.

There are many more options with this bidding system. A BSL club can save up their money even beyond one season waiting for that dream player. A BSL club can use the money to trade with a BSL club for an established free agent instead of ever bidding on a possible risky international player. Bidding wars take a whole day, so a BSL club can try to trade for more money perhaps while the bidding is still in process. A club could be cash rich and player poor, or player rich and cash poor. 


  1. Interesting. I like it, commish.

  2. very cool approach ... should be very interesting to see how strategies are played out now. Good move.

    - Alamo City

  3. In addendum I've been thinking about.

    24 hour period should be deadline for submitting bids ... but I think it should be Ebay style. Meaning, you have up until the specified time frame to submit your bid but you can have a "max" bid sent in as well. We've seen multiple times how the hard time deadline has caused issues because of everyone's schedule. With the max bid (which would be blind to everyone but the commish, or if he's involved an uninvolved party) you can still have a shot if your schedule prevents you from being at your computer at the deadline hour. It also keeps people from playing the deadline hour purposefully.

    - Alamo City

    1. My other thought on that recently has been if somebody bids in the final hour of the window, the deadline gets extended by another hour.

    2. I've had similar thoughts as Btown. Would that hour be renewed each time someone bids in the final hour?

    3. Since I have a team, blind bidding of any kind is unfair.

  4. Yes, i like the idea of extending bidding an hour if bids are made in the final hour. The hour should be renewed as well. i AM ADDING THE CHANGES IN RED.

  5. Worth questioning, but no $ is earned in the post season right? After all, that's extra games that some teams get to play that season that others won't have a chance at. You could also potentially do some amount for each team at the beginning of the season (or a month before) based on their performance last year. More for the last place team less for the Honors Trophy champs.

  6. Correct, no money is earned in the postseason.

    Added a few more things in red today.

  7. As long as we're mimicking MLS, the $75 from the third DP slot should be split evenly amongst the other teams!

  8. Updated. changed the $75 to $55.