League Announces Playoffs Expansion

On Thursday, the Bigtime Soccer League announced a new playoff setup to begin in 2014. Five teams will be involved in the playoffs instead of 4 teams in previous seasons. An extra week will be added to accommidate the new wildcard round which will feature the 4th and 5th place finishers who will face-off against each other. The winner will move on to challenge the #1 ranked Honors Trophy Champion. Ranks 2 and 3 will continue to play one another in the other semi-final match.

"In 4 of the 5 previous BSL seasons, the leagues 5th place finisher has had a winning record (2010 is the only exception) adding merit that the level of strong competition has gone beyond what has been allowed in previous playoffs" said the Commissioner.  The new playoffs also devalues the 4th seed from previous years by making this club play an extra game with the added possibility of losing, but at the same time adds 1 more team to the playoffs increasing hope to the clubs in the middle of the league table.

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