Offseason Roundup

The pieces are officially in place putting an end to the BSL offseason. The 11 returning clubs have acquired the players that will hopefully serve as the cornerstones to their success.  Seven of the leagues 12 clubs signed 3 players each. Gateway United and Second City SC opted to maximize their protection powers and held onto 4 players each, while Union Southern California, Gold Coast FC, and the new Ohio Toffees opted to hold onto 2 players each before the draft.

There was a total of 4 trades during the offseason, compared the the record of 8 trades from last year. Two of these trades involved acquistion money, which is new to the league, and is sure to become a bigger part of future negotiations as dollar values increase over time.

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  1. I'm assuming we're done for the day? I've not received another email and it's after 7pm. Just hard to follow without the updates to the Transaction tab.