Match Recap l Week 5

This match of the week between two undefeated 4-0-0 clubs did not disappoint. The scoring came fast and furious as the Spartans got 3 goals early from match captain Clint Dempsey. But, Alamo City countered with 2 assists from Obafemi Martins. That was just the beginning of the weekend, then Felipe Martins came in with a goal and assist for the Spartans, but the Battle kept fighting back including 2 assists from Mauro Diaz. In total each club had 4 players score, and the Spartans left 3 more points on the bench.  If this is a possible playoff preview in 2014, then we are due for some great drama. Round 1 goes to the Spartans who take over 1st place in the BSL.

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