2014 Honors Trophy Champions

Congratulations to the owner/operator of the Zodiac. The club claimed the BSL's best regular season record in 2014. This is the first major championship for Orange County in the clubs 2 year existence. After being the BSL Cup Final runner-up in 2013, the Zodiac signed Gabriel Torres and Chris Pontius to DP contracts. Neither one could be considered successful in 2014. So how did the Zodiac finish in first place? It starts with the clubs Retention Player - Gyasi Zardes. He has been lights out for the club. The Zodiac's 1st and 2nd round picks were nothing to write about either. However, 3rd rounder - Plata, and most notably 7th rounder - Dom Dwyer and 8th rounder - Bill Hamid, were difference makers. The 2014 Zodiac are proof that you can win hardware even when your DP's and top 2 draft picks faulter.

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