2015 Preview: Gateway United

No owner wants to win as bad as Gateway United does. One of the founding clubs in the BSL, the Saints passion is undeniable. The owner is vocal about results. Even though Gateway United has been very successful winning 62 regular season matches all-time, the runner-up in the 2009 Majors Cup Final, and winning the Honors Trophy in 2012, the club is best known for its postseason playoff flounders. Still, 4 years of playoff qualification is very impressive. This year, Gateway United is stacked once again with strikers and big names. Adi, Higuain, Piatti are back. Maloney, Emeghara and many more were added. Is this the year of the Saints? Club highlights: 2012 Honors Trophy Champions, 2009 Majors Cup runner-up.


  1. Really feel Maloney is a smart pick ... he's going to be the constant while they figure out who is going to play up top. Regardless, he should benefit from all of them.

  2. Maloney is definitely one to watch. The question is how far back he will sit in the midfield though. Chicago may play heavy counter-attack down the wings with Maloney feeding those wingers. He will probably rack up points from free kicks alone, though.