2015 Preview: Spartans 1612

The pressure will be on the Spartans in 2015 as every club in the BSL will want a shot at the reigning BSL Champions. The Spartans seems to be getting better with age as every year the club amasses more wins than the previous season. It will be hard to duplicate the 14 wins from 2014, but the Champions have the players to try it. DP's Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, and Graham Zusi are of course back. The loss of Bradley Wright-Phillips might hurt, but the club picked up the young DeShorn Brown. Cuba Torres is expected to arrive in the Summer to help as well. No club has been able to win the BSL Cup back to back yet. Can the Spartans make history? Club highlights: 2014 BSL Cup Champions


  1. Cubo will be awesome in Houston when he arrives.

  2. This is a ridiculous stack of goal scorers. Jones will be better with a full year in New England, Zusi and Clint are always dangerous and who knows what will happen with Colorado in any given season. Not looking forward to this fight.