Loyalty in the Southland

Marco Pappa will remain with Union Southern California for another season. Pappa was the driving force for the Southlanders in last years Majors Cup matches. "He was the difference in so many of those results and helped us reach the MC Final." said the clubs owner.  Marco was able to stay with Union SC thanks to being available in the 5th round of the BSL draft. "There was interest in keeping him all along. Everything works out in the end." Union SC will be looking to qualify for the Majors Cup for a third straight year in the hopes of winning the whole thing this time. On the league side, Union SC has not made the playoffs since its championship year in 2010. "Hopefully, that drought will be over! The goal is to make the playoffs! Then the focus can be squarely on becoming the first club to win the BSL Cup twice." said the owner.

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