This Could Be A Bloody Big Deal

A couple of veterans will be heading up to the great white north in 2015. SC Canada used the clubs 2 rounds to acquire Bradley Wright-Philips and Sebastian LeToux. Philips is coming off an amazing season scoring 27 goals and 2 assist and is one of the reasons Spartans 1612 won the BSL Cup last year. After he was left unprotected by the Spartans, he was a smart choice to get grabbed up in the expansion draft. Meanwhile, Sebastian LeToux has a history of being a steady contributor in the BSL. His solid numbers went wasted on the lame duck owner of the Ohio Toffees in 2014. A new club is just what LeToux ordered to get back into the limelight.

The BSL draft starts this Friday.

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  1. Okay. Now let's get the draft started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!