Preview: MC Qualifiers 1

Flyers Title Defense Begins With Union Again
The first qualifiers for the 2015 Majors Cup will take place this weekend. Its still early in the BSL regular season, so all clubs still have hope in the league table, but a positive result in this match could boost the moral for all those BSL clubs sitting below the playoff line, even if it is just by a mear 3 points in the league standings. Defending Majors Cup Champion - Rose City by pure coincidence of 2014 club rankings, will get another shot at Union SC in the tournaments 2014 Championship Game rematch. These two clubs just played each other last week in a league match with the Southlanders winning 3-1.  The Flyers are 0-3-0 in the BSL at the moment, but its a fresh start for the MCQ. Meanwhile, 2-time Majors Cup Champions - Alamo City will open up their campaign against the upstart Cumberland Athletic.


  1. So, If I understand the rules for the MCQ matches, only SOGs count for field players. Assists do not count. GK rules are the same as league matches. Am I correct?