Preview: Week 1

First Kick Friday!
The season kicks in a few days with the Game of the Week featuring the defending BSL Champion - Spartans 1612 taking on defending Majors Cup Champion - Rose City. The Flyers ended the Spartans perfect run of 9-0-0 to start 2014 and then capped it off with a sweep of the season series. Previous to 2014, it was the Spartans that had the advantage. Meanwhile Gold Coast and Union SoCal will be trading punches to gain a very early aggregate advantage in the California Cup derby. The Gunners and Stars open up their seasons against one another. Capital District has won 6 of 8 of their previous encounters. The Stags/Saints match will be their first head to head since Burud Town overcame a 7-0 deficit to earn a dramatic 7-7 tie against Gateway United back on week 13 of 2014.  SC Canada will have their BSL debut against the Honors Trophy Champion -Zodiac. Cumberland AC will have their BSL debut against perennial powerhouse Alamo City.


  1. While I know that no points benefit accrues to being home team, is there a tradition in this league of the first team listed as being home team? I'm thinking of my press releases and such.

    1. Not really, I do it mostly for aesthetics. I did came to an agreement to use it in my 2 derbies, but that's between us and not something league wide.

  2. Nothing really. I remember we tried to come up with a way to have home field advantage rule once, but it never panned out.

  3. First kick is almost here!!!! Here's to another great season