Recap: MC Qualifiers 2

Blowouts Rule In 2nd Qualifier Matches
SC Canada established a new league record for largest score differential in a Majors Cup Qualifier match after defeating Gateway United by a 10 point edge in the clubs 10-0 on-slaught. The victory was a welcomed positive sign for the Mounties who improved to 2-0-0 in "Group A". Burud Town is the other 2-0-0 side in "Group A" after easily defeating Orange County 8-1. Cumberland is finding winning in the MCQ just as easy as league play as the Wildmarys own first place in "Group B" thanks  to a 10-3 win this weekend. Gold Coast rounds out the 2-0-0 sides after defeating Alamo City 7-3 in its qualifier. The most competitive match of the weekend was the qualifier between Capital District and Second City. Both sides went back and forth and it took a late Stefan Frei game winner to propel the Gunners over the Stars 7-6. The Spartans improved to 1-1-0 after taking down Union SoCal.

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