MCQ: Round 5

The last round of qualifiers are only days away. In "group A" Capital District and SC Canada are in the drivers seats. Both these clubs seem very poised to advance as either wins, ties, and even losses by less than  13 points is all they need. The winner of the group is still in question. Over in "group B", Cumberland Athletic has locked up the top spot and is only playing to determine whether the club will be ranked BSL#1 in the Majors Cup or lower. (Currently being ranked #1 in the MCQ will have Cumberland playing the Galaxy and the Impact) The other spot in the group is where the drama is at. Union So.Cal has the slightest advantage. A win could be enough unless Alamo City makes up it's 4 point scoring deficit. If Union So.Cal losses to 4-0-0 Cumberland Athletic, then it opens the door for Alamo City, but also Gold Coast FC and Spartans 1612.

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