2015 Honors Trophy Champions

Congratulations to the owner/operator of the Gold Coast Football Club. The Suns captured the league's best regular season record for the first time in the club's history thanks in most part to the middle of its lineup. While Designated Players like Altidore have been inconsistent, and injuries to Matias Perez Garica have kept his numbers low, the rest of the lineup has stepped up all year long. The Suns also have two possible BSL MVP candidates. They are Benny Feilhaber and Ethan Finlay. These guys have been the rocks for the club. Gold Coast will begin its playoff run in 3 weeks as the number 1 seed where the club will play the winner of the Wildcard Round. The club has also qualified for the 2015 Majors Cup as well.


  1. Congrats to Gold Coast! I hoped to climb back into contention, but my mid-season lull proved too big an anchor.

  2. You da man!!