2016 Season Preview

A new season is upon us and it's anyone's guess who will lift hardware when its all done. Let's start with the defending BSL Cup Champions. Can the Zodiac win it all back to back and make it 4 straight BSL Finals as well? What about Gold Coast FC? Was winning he Honors Trophy last year enough satisfaction for the Suns? The CD Gunners took the BSL lead for titles with 5 total last year after winning a 2nd Majors Cup Championship. Can the club get even more? Alamo City has 4 titles of its own and will look for more in 2016. How about Union Southern California. That 2010 BSL Cup seems like a long time ago, but maybe the Southlanders can be the first club to win 2 BSL Cup's. Is this the year of the Saints? Gateway United has no BSL Cup, but a reputation for winning. Perhaps the Spartans will return to old glory. What about sophomores Cumberland Athletic and SC Canada. Both enjoyed postseason action in 2015. Will either grab hardware in year two? Perhaps newcomer Hawaii will blow away everyone in its inaugural year.


  1. Can I put my game line up on twitter or does it have to be on blogger? It says BSL network?

  2. As long as your weekly lineup appears visibly on your club site for all to see, then you are displaying in the BSL network.

    Pertaining to you personally, you have a twitter feed on your blog website that is visible, so if you want to tweet it, just make sure it shows on the site before game time and your golden. Otherwise just post it on the blogger site.

    Good luck!