More Deadlines Approach This Thursday and Friday

The next deadlines in the BSL offseason are inching closer as this Thursday all pre-draft trades are due, and then on Friday all BSL clubs will have to announce which players they will be protecting on their rosters under their DP/RP contracts. Several clubs have already made their announcements, but they too have until Thursday to perhaps make decision changes or perhaps additional trades or purchases. Reminder, on 2/19, 8am PST, protected players are set.


  1. Commish,

    Now there are reports that Oba might stay ... our deadline is Friday for locking in players. If that situation isn't known at that time, am I just S.O.L ? I don't know that we've had this kind of situation before. Obviously if he's staying, I want to keep him.

  2. If you think he might stay protect him as a first priority. If he leaves for China then you can replace him with a different DP. Once the draft starts... you're out of options.