Recaps: Week 9

Orange County 7 Capital District 4
Man of the Match - Cyle Larin
Cumberland 5 SC Canada 1
Man of the Match - Sasha Kljestan
Union So.Cal 4 Insulani Hawaii 2
Man of the Match - Kaka
Gateway United 9 Alamo City 1
Man of the Match - Bradley Wright Phillips
Gold Coast 4 Spartans 1
Man of the Match - Kekuta Manneh


  1. Someone wake me when it's the next Majors Cup qualifier. It's apparently the only time I'm capable of winning this season.... well, besides vs the Battle.

  2. We couldn't win scoring 5 and 6 for three weeks so we figured we'd try the 'ol just avoid the shut out route this time ... imagine that, it didn't work.

    This is going sideways quickly.

  3. mid way point of the season boys