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Previews: Week 13

Orange County v Gold Coast
OCZ leads series 6-2-0 / OCZ leads scoring 42-30
Insulani Hawaii v Spartans
IH lead series 1-0-0 / IH lead scoring 6-4
Capital Distirct v Gateway United
CDG series 11-5-4 / CDG lead scoring 93-87
SC Canada v Alamo City
ACSC series 2-1-1 / ACSC lead scoring 22-15
Union Southern California v Cumberland Athletic
USC lead series 3-2-0 / USC lead scoring 25-21


  1. wait wait wait ... why is the schedule split on the weekend? The Sunday games are NEXT weeks matches? Why doesn't next week start on the 6th and go through the 10th? Why aren't the Sunday matches for THIS game week?

  2. July 4th is a Monday, but since enough MLS teams are playing July 6-10, lets change week 13 to end July 4.
    And week 14 will begin July 6

  3. crap, saw this too late to go back to my original lineups LOL


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