2016 BSL Cup Final

With the top two offenses on display in the 2016 BSL Cup Final, the match began on a Wednesday with plenty of fireworks.  Gateway United's Julio Baptista got the scoring started, and it was later followed by scores from Yura Movsisyan and Emmanuel Boateng. Cumberland Athletic responded with a score from its young goal keeper, Brian Rowe.
Gateway United...5
Cumberland AC....3
Meanwhile, Gateway's Evan Bush would be rejected with a red allowing Rob Vincent to enter the match. By the weekend, the scoring had slowed, but the cards did not. Cumberland would have a Tchani red and two other players with yellows over the weekend, allowing the Saints 2 substitutions to enter the match, although neither would have an affect on the result. Lee Nguyen would pull the Wildmary's closer with a 3:2 scoreline with his goal, but moments later Gateway United's Mancosu would have his own say. Then the moment of the match came when Sacha Kljestan hit the post not once, but twice which could have evened the score to Cumberland, instead Bradley Wright-Phillips found the back of the net to extend Gateway's lead to 5:2. Robbie Keane would add a goal to close the match, but time ran out for this one and the Saints were crowned with their first BSL Cup.

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  1. Congrats to the Saints! The Wild Marys will roll on to victory next year!