Stoners Recommence for a 5th Season

The partnership of Mike and Javi are back. The owners of the Pennsylvania Stoners participated in the BSL from 2011-2014 before going on hiatus. During those 4 years, the club amassed a record of 33 wins 43 losses 10 ties. The Stoners best season was 2012 when the club participated in both the BSL Playoffs and the Majors Cup and advanced as the eventual runner-up in both championship finals. There is no prior ACQ money to transfer over to the Stoners, since that was not around in 2014. The club will receive standard expansion club starting money (see budgets).

11-7-2 (35 points)
League table:  5th place     MC Qualifiers: 4th place
Post Season
Majors Cup: 1-2-0 (3 points) / Group stage
12-5-5 (41 points)
League table: 3rd place     MC Qualifiers: 4th place
Post Season
Playoffs: 1-1 / BSL Cup finalist
Majors Cup: 3-1-1 / Majors Cup finalist
4-17-1 (13 points)
League table: 12th place     MC Qualifiers: 11th place
Post Season
6-14-2 (20 points)
League table: 11th place     MC Qualifiers: 10th place
Post Season