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Get the answers to the most common questions on how to play.

Each club consist of 18 players total.
- 10 Starting position players
- 1 Starting Goal Keeper
- 3 Substitute players
- 4 Reserve players

The only players on your roster guaranteed to count in the boxscore.
If your opponent acquires enough cards, your subs can start coming in to earn points in the game. Sub #1 comes in first and so forth except Goal Keepers.

Reserve players

Do Not count in the boxscore

goals/assist = 1 point each.
Defenders shots on goal = 1 point each.
Goal keepers clean sheets / 5 saves = 1 point each.

Yellow cards

BSL Rosters with 2 yellow cards allows their opponents 1st-3rd sub to enter the scoring in that order.

Red Cards.

BSL Roster with a red card allows their opponents 1st-3rd sub to enter the scoring in that order.
Goal keepers clean sheets / 5 saves = 1 point each.

Playoff game tiebreakers
1 - sub players begin to count
2- reserves begin to count
3 - the club with more player contributions wins.
4 - the club with more goals.

standings tiebreakers

1- Best TO = Total Offense.
2- most wins
3- bette head to head

If an MLS team plays two games in the same week, the players that have multiple league (not CCL, USOC) matches will be
scored as follows:


Whether a position player or goal keeper, the players better game of that week will count in the boxscore. for example, your player scores 2 goals on a Wednesday, and 0 scores on Sunday. His Wednesday game would count. The same goes for Goal Keepers. For
example, he has 5 saves on Wednesday, but no clean sheet or enough saves on Sunday. Therefore Wednesday is used as his better
match that week. The 2 matches are not combined or averaged out. The better game will be used solely for that week.


To balance the reward out, the risk for using a player having multi games in the week is he will have a better chance to get carded.
The players total card accumulation will go in effect. Any cards received in the week will count, but cannot have 2 yellows in a BSL game. If the player receives red in either game he will be red carded out of the BSL match. Multi-week players are playing 180 minutes.

In-game player injuries
If a player is started in a BSL match, they will count in the boxscore regardless of how many minutes they have played or not played.

Injured goal keepers/clean sheet

A keeper has to play at least 45 minutes to qualify for a clean sheet point.

Losing 1 game point
If you post your line-up on the BSL Network AFTER the first MLS game of the week has started, the minimum penalty is losing 1 gameday point from the first eventual scorer on your roster.
If your club is shutout, you remain at a zero score. There is no minus scores.

Losing more than 1 point

If by the time you post your line-up some of your players have already scored, those players and their points will not count (those players are void that week) Only the players who have
not scored yet on your roster at the time posted will be able to count.

Automatic shutout

Failure to post your lineup by the conclusion of the final tally will result in a zero score.

Inactive Roster
If fail to post a line-up COMPLETELY for 3 matches your club will BE PENALIZED by moving to LAST in next years BSL player draft order.
NOTE: A late line-up submission in an active matchday does not penalize your club. Only complete missing weeks.

You are allowed to fiddle with your roster all season long. If you are unsure if a player is available email the commish.NOTE*
Official changes must be made on the BSL Network for the whole league to see. This promotes transparency. Emailing correspondence or comments even with the commissioner does not make it official.


Posting roster moves on the BSL Network allows the rest of the league to be in the know. Be considerate of the other BSL clubs
and their transactions before you make yours.

Cutoff time for each week

Player changes can go into effect for the soonest match if posted before the first MLS game of the new week.

Roster space

BSL clubs cannot go over their 18-man roster space. You will have to drop one of your existing players to acquire a new one.

waiver period

Once a player is dropped from their BSL club roster, they are on a 24 hour waiver period. This gives all club operators in different time zones a chance to see who has been released.
The waiver period only applies to players who were released off a BSL roster, NOT PLAYERS WHO WERE ALREADY AVAILABLE.


These players are fair game and do not require a bidding war or waiver period.

Bidding wars

The league website will post the clubs in the bidding process. If you are interested in participating email the commish before the post. You have 24 hours once news breaks to email the commish. Once bidding begins, place your bid in the comments of that post.
Draft Process
You are allowed to pick players from any of the MLS teams regardless of their position. The draft is the only time of the season where you may email your player choices and the will
be valid.

Draft Order
Returning BSL clubs get priority with last years worst record drafting first up until last years BSL Cup Champion. New teams are then added in the order of their joining the league.

Draft time limit
Once your email is sent to you, the BSL team operator has 2 hours to make a pick. If they go over 2 hours they will be skipped and the BSL operator will have to make 2 selections on their next turn unless special consideration is made by the Commissioner.

Designated Players
Returning BSL teams may keep 3 players as Designated Players from last years roster. These players will not be available in the draft.
Trading Designated Players
If a returning team does not want to keep anyone from their previous roster, the owner can trade their players to another BSL team for their draft pick or picks. If you obtain multiple picks in earlier rounds, your draft selections conclude once you've obtained a 16 man roster.

Retention player
BSL owners may also keep 1 "transacted" player from last years current roster that was un-drafted in the BSL that season. The 
TRANSACTIONS tab on the league website will hold all additions/subtractions until a new season is started allowing owners to see their previous free agent signings.
The retention player rule is a BSL clubs reward for strong player acquisitions after the initial draft. A minimum of 3 regular season weeks on your roster is required to protect this player on your roster before the new draft begins. It does not 
have to 3 consecutive weeks if you resign this player twice in your season. Choosing a retention player replaces a clubs last draft pick round.

- No Bidding War players
  (off the transfer market)
- No BSL traded players are eligible.
  (must be a standard free agent transaction)
- Can be a player drafted by another BSL team
  just not draft by you.
- You cannot trade/sell your Retention Player slot.

Re-Entry Player
BSL owners may trade for 1 player from an opponents existing BSL roster from last season and protect this player as a "Re-Entry" player. Unlike a Designated Player, a Re-Entry player must come from an outsiders BSL roster. Clubs may trade player for player or draft picks.

-You may not trade your Re-Entry slot. (Use it or lose it)
-There is no limit to how many players a single BSL club can trade.
-You are NOT REQUIRED to use your Re-Entry slot.

Keep in mind the level of players available will most likely be players not protected as Designated Players. This is a rule to help stimulate mid-level activity in the off seasons. (The BSL version of TAM) 

Trading before the draft
Existing BSL clubs OWN THE RIGHTS to the players until the NEW SEASONS drafts. They have the option to trade away these players 
for other BSL players or trade for someone else's draft picks as long as the players they trade for are on a BSL roster. 
(No undrafted/free agent players).

Maximum Players Protected

Max 5 players you can hold.

Expansion Pre-draft trading
New clubs may trade with existing BSL clubs to get players before the draft. (equals a maximum of 5 players before the draft) by giving up draft picks so they may pick up existing BSL roster players.