Match Preview I Week 1

The Gunners had 9 wins in 2013 to finish in 7th place in the BSL table. However, 7 of those wins came in the 2nd half of the season allowing the District to reach the Majors Cup tournament for the 4th time. Overall, with no hardware it was a down year for a club owner that was used to success. The Gunners enter with an older roster. Some familiar big names, but injuries and minutes played by these players will have to be a concern.

Second City also had 9 wins in 2013 and finished a point better to grab 6th place in the BSL table. The club sported a competitive line-up, but was plagued by inconsistency. Very rarely did the Stars line-up score well in back to back weeks.  One of the storylines to watch in 2014 will be how Eddie Johnson plays in DC. Also, can Magic Mike Magee have another MVP year?

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