The Complete 2015 Schedule is Released

The Bigtime Soccer League released its complete 2015 schedule. Once again the balanced schedule will see each club play each other twice in the regular season and conclude on August 9th. The BSL playoffs will run from August 13 - August 30 and the Majors Cup tournament will run from September 9 - October 18. The first three weeks of the schedule will showcase matches verses the three BSL trophy winners in 2014. The first week the defending Majors Cup Champion -Rose City versus the defending BSL Cup Champions - Spartans 1612. Also in week 1, the first leg of the California Cup derby will get a quick start with Union Southern California taking on bitter rivals Gold Coast FC. It's the first time this derby has begun this early in a BSL season. In week 2 - Rose City will get another test versus the defending Honors Trophy Champion - Orange County Zodiac, Also in week 2, the two expansion clubs, Cumberland Athletic Club and SC Canada, will face-off against each other for early expansion dominance. In week 3- The Honors Trophy champion Zodiac will play BSL Champion Spartans in what is also a rematch of the 7-7 (7-6 PK) 2014 BSL Cup Final. Also in week 3, the first leg of the BSL Classic derby between the Battle and Gunners will be showcased. The whole schedule can be viewed in the "schedule tab" including each clubs Majors Cup qualifier matches.

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