BSL Expands With First Ever Canada Club

The Bigtime Soccer League announced today that Toronto, Ontario has been awarded an expansion club to begin play in 2015 to replace the slot once held by the Pennsylvania Stoners. The new club will be owned and operated by Aaron N. This will be the first BSL club to be from the country of Canada. The club has already announced it will be called S.C. Canada after the real life expansion group that urged the MLS to admit Toronto F.C into its league. SCC has also registered its club website which can be found at the bottom of this website. Just like Cumberland A.C., this expansion side begins with $10 RVSP deposit and $5 from the Spartans 3rd DP purchase for acquisition money.  SCC will pick 2nd behind Cumberland A.C. in the unprotected player expansion draft, but may also immediately trade for an additional 2 players before that expansion draft.


  1. Thanks for the invite. Very happy to part of the league - Tell your players to get their passports ready :)