The Latest Offseason News and Rumors

The calendar keeps inching closer to the offseason deadlines. In recent updates, the first batch of Retention Players have been signed by Union So.Cal and Gold Coast FC. Also, the Suns have been hinting on releasing Frank Lampard from his Designated Player tag. No official announcement has been made, but the rumors are pretty loud. Will Lampard's slot be switched with another player or will Gold Coast trade the DP slot away? Also announced was the new Maryland clubs name and crest. Cumberland Athletic Club (a.k.a the Wildmarys) have quickly released its website and just today signed the clubs first player in a trade with Gateway United using one of its Expansion Pre-Draft slots. Meanwhile, the Saints promise a 3rd DP is on the horizon as well as a RT player. REMINDER: Remember, You can see all the league's moves in the "Transactions" tab at the bottom of this website.

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  1. By the way. Cumberland's roster will not be listed on the "players" tab until after the expansion draft is complete. Why? Because even Ohio Toffees roster of players are available in the expansion draft.